How to get a free domain? (3 Methods)

How to get a free domain? (3 Methods)

The domain name is the address of the website that people type in their web browsers to get to the location of the website.

"A domain is an address just like someone has a home address or has a telephone number."

You can get a domain as low as 2$ or ₹100, but there are also some ways in which you can get a free domain.



Get a web hosting which gives the offer to get a free .com/.org or .net free tld, this is the best way to get a free domain but it will cost you decent money for website hosting.


You can buy hosting from BlueHost or any other hosting that provides a free .com or .org domain.


Get a free subdomain from any free domain services.

There is a free web hosting names which gives you a free subdomain for every free hosting, you can host a website free on InfinityFree as well as get a free subdomain.


But that wouldn't look professional because that subdomain will look something like which just doesn't look good.

Totally Free Domain

So what's the best way to get a free domain is,

Use the website freenom it provides 5 free TLD's.


You can get a free .tk, .ml, .ga, .cf or .gq TLD which is far better than subdomains and other hostings which provide free domains only with web hosting.


You can get any or all of this TLD for free, awesome!!! isn't it?

Now you don't even have to pay money for checking if your website works correctly, now you just have to point your freenom domain to any of the free hosting websites. and your website is ready.

Now you will ask if these domains are free then why doesn't everyone use these domains, but pay enormous money on .com or .org domains.

There are many reasons for which we should not use these free TLDs domains for your project that anyone other than you wants to see.

You should probably use these TLD's only if you are trying out your project to get on the internet.

What are the main reasons someone should not have these ccTLDs from Freenom?

  • Phishing Attacks

All these 5 TLDs rank highest in the number of phishing attacks done on anyone by an URL link just because these are free TLDs.

This is the reason why most of the mails coming from these domains go in your spam folder.

  • Banned in many hosting services

These domains are also banned from many hosting services, this is because of the reason that most people use these domains for phishing attacks.

  • Bad SEO

Since many websites and email hosting services have banned these domains that generally have a bad SEO effect which causes the website to rank relatively low in the Search Engine.

  • You are not the owner

You are not the owner of this domain, if you buy the .com domain then you are the owner of that .com domain but not in these TLDs, the website is the real owner of these domains.

You cannot transfer this domain to some other place, you just can use the domains.

  • Most abused domains

According to these are one of the most abused domains on the internet with more than 17% per TLD and have a badness index of more than 1.

What I recommend.

Don't use these domains even if you want your project to be 1% serious.

These domains have serious issues for ranking in google.

Use these domains for your site or some fun project or if you are a developer you can connect these domains to your GitHub static projects.