How to access the dark web in 2024?

How to access the dark web in 2024?

You don't have to be a professional computer expert to access the dark web.

The dark web covers around 6% of the total internet.

While the deep web covers around 90% and only 4-5% is the surface web that we are using till now.

You just need to have the internet and a special browser to run websites on the dark web, mainly tor is enough to access the websites.

But it is recommended that you use a VPN with it.

In April some hackers got into the database of giant pizza company dominos and now they have made that data public. So anyone who knows how to access the dark web can go and check the data leaked by hackers.

I'll tell you the best way to access the dark web safely.

I'll walk you through everything about the dark web and the deep web.

Dark Web vs Deep Web vs Surface Web

Dark Web


The dark web is a part of the internet that is not crawled by a normal search engine such as google or yahoo. That means you cannot search for these kind of websites on google, bing or any search engine.

There are nearly 5000 live dark websites that are available of which more than 50% is illegal.

These websites do illegal stuff such as selling illegal items, medicines etc.

Deep Web


Now, What is the deep web? The deep web is not something illegal.

The deep web is all the data of the organizations or the content that are not directly available on the search engine.

The data that all the organizations use privately falls directly under the deep web, they need to use some kind of authentication to use or see that data.

Your google drive data also counts into the deep web because it is also not crawled by any search engine.

The website data that is also blocked from indexing using the robots.txt file is also under the deep web.

Surface Web

surface web facebook.png

So now all remaining 5% remaining data is the surface web, the percentage can be deceiving.

Since this 5% data is somehow also connected to the deep web.

So it is much likely that the surface data is more than 5%.

Because there is no such study to check how much data is the dark web, deep web or surface web.

Surface data is the data that we use and see in daily life and are directly available from search engines.

Why use the dark web?

Now the question is why would someone go somewhere where people are selling drugs and guns.

Well, the basic concept of the dark web is that no one can track you.

That means if you search for something on google then you will probably see the ads for the thing you searched for.

But on the dark web, neither your location nor your IP is being traced because the data is being sent to you from some relay locations.

Your data has already bounced thousands of miles before reaching you.

So it is nearly impossible to track you, that's the way all the illegal stuff is happening here. And no one is being caught.

But if you love privacy then the dark web is the best place for you.

Dark web and the crypto connection

Crypto has become famous in the last 2 years when bitcoin prices started shooting up the sky.

Crypto has become famous for the last 2 years but before that, the dark web was the only place where crypto was being used.


Because unlike other currencies crypto is untraceable.

If you buy something from cryptocurrency no one is going to know what you have bought and from where you have bought.

That's why all the illegal transaction of drugs, ammo, ammunition, illegal accounts that are hacked or illegal porn is done through cryptocurrency only.

What is .onion?

Onion is a special-use top-level domain that is only used on the dark web because it can only be used with a tor or tor like browsers.

Browsers required for Dark Web


As you know it is not possible to open an onion website with a regular web browser such as chrome or firefox.

There are special types of browsers that we can take help of.

The most used and recommended browser is TOR because it reroutes all the traffic through many publicly listed nodes so that the entry node always remains anonymous.

That's what we want right privacy.

How to open a website on the dark web?


You will need two software, the first one is a VPN and the second one is a TOR browser.


So Go to website to download the tor browser.


Now go to the website to download Psiphon VPN, which is the best free VPN, you can also use other VPNs if you want.

Now You can install tor browser and go to step 2.

Step 2:

Now you can open and connect to Psiphon VPN by selecting optimum location.


Now you can open the tor browser, now every website should be working from the surface web as well as the dark web.


Now click on connect to connect the tor in you pc.

Now you just need to search for a website that has a list of onion sites and try checking for these.

I recommend you to use the duckduckgo search engine which is a privacy-focused search engine.

Some Websites to check out on the dark web

  • The Dark Wiki

This is an awesome website just like Wikipedia with more content that is unavailable on original Wikipedia.

.onion link zqktlwi4fecvo6ri.onion

  • Mail2Tor

This is the best website for a secure means of communication since it's not the best idea to use your Gmail account anywhere on the onion websites.

.onion link mail2tor2zyjdctd.onion

  • Facebook

Since the dark web is all together with a different world it has its own Facebook.

.onion link facebookcorewwwi.onion

  • DuckDuckGo

You should not be using google in the dark web, so this is the best search engine to use on the dark web, it provides 100% anonymous

.onion link 3g2upl4pq6kufc4m.onion

Is it illegal to use the dark web?

In general, it is not illegal to use the dark web.

It is indeed a better choice for browsing the internet if you care about your privacy since you can't have privacy browsing anything if you are googling things with logged in account and even if you are logged out the browser gonna trace you.

So if browsing the internet is legal then what is illegal, buying kinds of stuff such as guns, ammo, drugs or hiring someone to hack an Instagram account for you is illegal.

Leaking someone's data and accessing that data is also illegal.

This article is only for educational purpose.