12 Best Software to use as a developer

12 Best Software to use as a developer

Applications are used widely across everyone using a computer but when it comes to developers some software just increases the productivity of developers drastically, here are 12 software that you need to use right now.

VS Code Editor


Visual Studio Code is a source code editor made by Microsoft for Windows, Linux and macOS. It is the best source code editor for now because of its features.

It supports syntax highlighting, snippets, code refactoring and has inbuilt git supports, which makes it even better for website development.

VS Code also has support for extensions, which can make vs code even better.

If you write programs in C language, then you can download the extension names as code-runner and that will give you a button that will compile and run your code in a single click.



Notion is an All-in-one workspace that is very useful for a college student. You can use this in many ways, use pages to make this a to-do list, or write down the ideas you want to work on.

I use this app very much for taking notes, saving my idea and sometimes even for writing articles.

You can use this app and software on your phone and PC with the same account.

If you are a college student you can get a free pro account in this software through your .edu or .ac.in email address given by your university.

Office 365


Office365 is the latest version of Microsoft office, it is free for college students through .edu or .ac.in email.

You will get Microsoft word, excel, PowerPoint, OneNote, Teams, Publisher, Access and Outlook for free if using college email id.

And if you don't have a college id then you still can use online office365 or can buy from Microsoft.



Discord is the easiest way to collaborate with your friends through audio, video and text, it is a VoIP, instant messaging service.

You can connect with other people through servers created by people and have a talk with them or collaborate with them.

People mostly use discord for gaming and streaming but it can also be used for many things.

Github Desktop

github desktop.png

GitHub Desktop simplifies the task of initializing and committing using command line git, now you can directly commit the changes to the remote GitHub without remembering complex command-line syntax.

Github desktop simplifies your development workflow and is very much useful for people who are fed up with complex git commands.



Hyper is an electron based terminal, based on HTML, CSS and JS.

You can install themes and plugins in the terminal. You will find this very useful if you code in Node and React JS or do automation scripting stuff.

Hyper is faster to use and looks beautiful for a Command Line Interface.

Xtreme Download Manager


Xtreme download manager is a downloading tool that immensely increases the speed of downloading files up to 5 times.

It can resume broken links, download, schedule videos from youtube. It is integrated with chrome and firefox through a simple extension made by them. It also has an inbuilt video converter which converts video for your other mobile or TV.

If you download big files with an unstable internet connection then this software is a lifesaver.



Grammarly is a cross-platform cloud-based writing assistant that goes through all the grammar and punctuation of the data that you wrote.

Grammarly combines advanced techniques such as machine learning, deep learning and other grammar rules to improve your writing.

It gives suggestions and also tells you what corrections you should make.

So now you will never get the grammar wrong in your English assignments.



Notepad++ is a text and source editor with multiple features and has support for nearly every programming language.

It is just like an upgraded version of notepad with programming features added to it.

Notepadd++ supports lots of plugins which is just a cherry on top.



PuTTY is a free and open-source terminal emulator. It supports several network protocols such as SCP, SSH, Telnet etc.

You can use this to transfer files between your emulator OS and host OS or can use this with AWS to install or update any software to your AWS account.

With the help of putty, you can also transfer data to any device or use a device that supports SSH.



Oracle VM VirtualBox is a free and Open Source application for creating, managing and running virtual machines (VMs).

You can install a different OS to test the latest OS or you can use any OS and use it as a sandbox to test software that you think may contain malware.

If you are a windows user and wanted to switch to Linux then first you can try it on VirtualBox to see if you like that or not.



Spotify is an audio streaming service, where you can listen to music and podcasts.

It is the ultimate stress-busting app that has helped many people,

if you can't focus on anything or can't find a solution to a problem then you certainly should take a break and listen to some music.

Comment Your Most Used software below.